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Program Costs

The following is a list of current total program costs for each program. Financial aid is available to those who qualify to finance the cost of attending college. When comparing costs between colleges, please make sure to compare the total costs (or an estimate of the total costs) since many institutions list costs on a cost per unit basis. Program costs are subject to change and may take time to be published on our website. Please contact the Admissions Office for the most up-to-date cost for each program.

Program Units Cost Per Unit Total Tuition
(Units X Cost Per Unit)
Total Books & Equipment Total Lab & Other Fees
Biomedical Technology 44 340 14,960 1720 2100
General Electrician 45 340 15,300 1590 2600
Information Technology 50 340 17,000 1970 0
AS Industrial Engineering Technology 108 340 36,720 3470 1000
BS Biomedical Engineering 182 340 61,880 5155 1575
BS Electrical Engineering 182 340 61,880 4550 1275
BS Electronic Engineering 180 340 61,200 4235 1175
BS Information Systems 182 340 61,880 3915 500

Performance Reports

Each year, SCIT submits an annual report to the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. This report includes various statistics about each program offered by the institution. In addition, each prospective student is provided with a Student Performance Fact Sheet for their program of interest when visiting our campus. The Student Performance Fact Sheets lists such information as graduation rates, placement rates and salary information. Below you can view PDF versions of the most recent Annual Report and all Student Performance Fact Sheets currently provided by the institution.