SCIT College Building

SCIT Academics

Our goal is to provide students with an in-depth and engaging learning experience centered on industry relevant and practical curricula. To achieve this, we have developed a unique curricular design whereby each programs curriculum is composed of:

  • An accumulative curricular design where course sequences are designed to facilitate a buildup of knowledge
  • Accelerated, focused courses where similar courses are grouped and taken together to better help students concentrate on the core topics
  • Industry relevant and dense material that is afforded as a result of the accumulative curricular design
  • Hands-on, project based coursework that fully utilized our student instructional labs

Short Programs

Short programs are 8 month programs where graduates receive a Diploma. These programs are targeted at building the appropriate skills for entry level employment in their respective fields of study. They are filled with heavy hands-on training and career services are available to help graduates find employment right after graduation.

Degree Programs

Our degree programs are accelerated and designed to allow students to apply theories learned in the classroom through project based coursework utilizing our instructional labs. The courses are rigorous, in-depth, and industry relevant. Most students complete their degrees within 3 years and many work while pursuing their studies.