SCIT College Building

Our Approach

Student Learning First

The core of our colleges’ mission is to provide quality education for our students. Quality education takes priority in all decisions we make from curricular design and faculty selection to facilities development and student services. The focus is always on discovering and implementing methods where students learn effectively. We achieve this in part by providing a fair and disciplined learning environment and a single, small campus where we can provide an education that is more personal and narrowly tailored to the academic pursuits of our students.

Different Instructional Delivery

We believe that a vertical approach to learning caries much more academic fulfillment than a more traditional horizontal approach. By that we mean building on knowledge with course sequences where students can accumulate knowledge is more fulfilling and utilizable than simply learning general knowledge of the field as a whole. We achieve this by implementing a unique curricular design for our programs.

Rigorous Hands-On Instruction

Our Student Instructional Labs is the key for allowing us to deliver an education that achieves 2 things: (1) Provide students with utilizable skills and know-how that can be used in the real world and (2) provide an academic experience where conceptual topics are cemented into the learning process through application based lab work. We continually invest in developing and improving our instructional labs for our students.

Career Focus

Our curriculums are developed with targeted careers in mind. Our programs are for those who are seeking to build a career. We pay close attention to changes in the industries needs and have the capacity and small college atmosphere to quickly pivot our curriculums to meet those needs.